radius-vm-picThis is the Virtuemart 3.x Radius Shipping Plugin that makes real time distance calculations between the Vendors address and the customer and returns calculated shipping costs to the cart. This is ideal for businesses that more "deliver" than "ship" .. e.g. restaurants, florists, companies selling services that require travel time and distance to be calculated etc.

The plugin has a wide range of configurations to suit just about every shipping schema you can come up with - if not we can extend it for you for a very reasonable price.

The distance is calculated either from the VM Vendor address or a pre-configured address in the Shipping method administration. You can also have multiple methods if your shop has more than one distribution center - this way the customer can choose the cheapest shipping for their address. It is calculated via the Google Maps v3 api and has full feedback for the customer so they can see what address the api has found and if necessary correct it.

N.B. There may be further coding necessary if you are using a 3rd party OPCheckout extension. The problem is the majority of these extensions do not re-submit the address if it is changed - only the country .. 

Just start adding products and checking out from the Test product menu (Hats) to see how it works!

You can read lots more about it from our Virtuemart 3.0 Radius Shipping Plugin Instruction PDF.

You can download it here: GJC VirtueMart Radius Shipping